Loft Converions

  • What it is?
    • A loft conversion is the process of taking an empty space and making it into a usable area or bedroom. Typically a large living or family room with high ceilings is cut in half vertically to create two rooms on top of each other.  Unused attics are another common space used to create a loft or recreational area.
Before Loft Conversion
Before Loft Conversion
After Loft Conversion
After Loft Conversion









  • Why people do it?
    • Almost everyone can use a little extra space to relax, store things or have a place for guests to stay. Lofts are usually a great choice to keep children’s toys where they have more space to use them than the standard bedroom, allowing them to spread out without taking over the rest of the house.
    • A theater room with a big screen and pop-corn maker is always a great addition to really make your home stand out from the surrounding homes in the area and is a great space for spending family night.
    • The most common way of pricing a home is to calculate the square footage of the home by the going rate of comparable homes in the area. By taking otherwise unused space and converting it into a loft you essentially double the square footage of the room and add a lot more square footage without having to expand beyond the walls of the current structure. This added square footage can really make a difference when calculating the value of your home.
  • How much value does it add?
    • The amount of value that adding a loft conversion adds to your home will vary by the area in which you live. As an example, a certain area in Rancho Cucamonga California currently has a average home price of $253 per square foot. If the house is 2,500 square feet, you can take $253 x 2,500 and get an average value of $632,500.
    • If a loft was added on top of a 500 foot family living space an additional 500 square feet would be added to the total home size. Causing an increase in the total square footage from 2,500 to 3,000. The estimated price would then be calculated as $253 x 3,000 which would increase and the estimated price of the home from $632,500 to 759,000. The additional 500 square feet would bring an estimated $126,500 increase in value, which is way beyond the cost of construction.
  • How much does it cost?
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