Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

Kitchen Remodel
Your kitchen is the heart of your home and an investment there is money well spent. Our builders can give your kitchen a facelift by replacing cabinet doors or that old tile counter top. We’re also great at repairing water damage and can rebuild your entire kitchen from the ground up. Our experienced kitchen contractors will use quality materials to stretch your budget. Feel free to request client referrals to get a first hand opinion of our craftsmanship.

Plumbing and electrical are two areas you don’t want to make mistakes in. Having to reopen walls or repair water damage can be costly mistakes. Our licensed and insured contractors know how to use the latest materials available on the market to wire and plumb your kitchen right.

Bathroom Remodel
Known around the world as a “water closet” the plumbing in a bathroom is an area you don’t want to mess up. Mold and mildew are dangerous and can grow for years undetected with only a slightly damp dark environment. Don’t take the risk and let our experienced plumbers install the pluming and fixtures in your bathroom right.

Ensure the bathrooms in your home are clean and inviting by working with our builders and designers to achieve a modern updated look.

We can recommend and work with you to pick from thousands of different counter top material and color selections. We know where to purchase flooring and fixtures at near wholesale prices. Weather your looking for stock or custom cabinets we have the solution for your project.